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Other Support Services

Bereavement Support

See After Your Loss.

Medications & Medical Supplies*

Medications and medical supplies related to a terminal illness and prescribed in your hospice plan of care are provided.

Durable Medical Equipment (‘DME’)*

Patients on hospice often need medical equipment in their home to help keep them comfortable and maintain their quality of life. This equipment, called durable medical equipment or DME, may be covered by insurance or health plan coverage and may include hospital beds, oxygen tanks, walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, bedpans, monitors, and more. Durable medical equipment must be prescribed by the hospice care team to be covered by insurance or health plan coverage. If items are purchased without authorization, they may not be covered by insurance or health plan coverage. Ask the hospice nurse about obtaining additional equipment.

Additional Services

Many families choose to use additional services that are not part of hospice services, and you are financially responsible for these additional services. These may include hiring caregivers for daily or even round-the-clock help, or admitting the patient to a nursing home for care.


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