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Care and comfort in your home

These moments are important. Hospice will help support you and your family every step of the way.

“Caring doesn’t stop when a person is dying. The care needs to shift. It’s a different philosophy. It’s beyond medicine.”

— HM, hospice nurse

“I believe it’s really coming from the heart. I feel very very grateful because it just makes her life so much easier. To see her happy makes us feel so much better.”

— JB, caretaker

“When the care team comes into our home, they approach my mom as a unique human being with a long life behind her and not simply an ill individual.”

— DN, caretaker

“I can call them any time of the night. It just gives me peace of mind.”

— JB, caretaker

“They listen to what I have to say. They check in on me.”

- JB (caretaker)

Kaiser Permanente Northern California Hospice

Kaiser Permanente is with you throughout the journey

Hospice Philosophy

Kaiser Permanente values the beliefs and heritages of those we serve. We offer our patients and their families help, comfort, and peace in the last stage of life.

  • We place the patient at the center of care.
  • We help the patient make the most of the remaining weeks and months of life.
  • We care for both the patient and family.
  • We work closely with the patient, family, and caregivers to provide comfort measures for pain and symptom control, as well as emotional and spiritual support.
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